The sun is shining in Sydney, the surf is up, and Bill Granger is back in the kitchen cooking us the food we love to eat.
In Bills Food Series 2, Bill takes us to his home town of Melbourne and cooks recipes that are influenced from his childhood roast dinners and his first-ever Chinese meal. He prepares lunch boxes for his daughters and then goes off to inspire some teenage students flipping (or not flipping!) pancakes is the order of the day! Then it s on to teach some men who have never been in the kitchen to cook a roast in style. On rainy days, Bill prepares comfort food and stocks his freezer. Bill knows how to eat well and live a balanced life, and imparts some of his knowledge by showing how to make delicious healthy meals in minutes. Bill likes to travel and it influences his take on the perfect room service meal and sees him putting on a paella feast as the sun sets over the Pacific. Bill cooks a romantic dinner for two on Sydney Harbour, and pulls together Christmas and wedding feasts with his signature combination of simplicity and the best fresh ingredients. Enjoy cooking with the world s favourite self-taught cook, Bill Granger, in Bills Food Series 2. For more information visit our website screenpop.

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